Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Martin's War

A poem originally written in 1969 with authentic photos of the Viet Nam War
Recently, I was requested to create an original piece in calligraphy, including photos this client took during his tour of duty in Viet Nam in 1969.  This was a poem he had written at the time.

After he carefully and sometimes painfully, shared with me his experience when he had written this poem and took these authentic photos, I had a clear vision of what I wanted to see as the finished piece.  Some things had to be altered according to the authors suggestions but, for the most part, I was extremely pleased that it came out very close to my original design.

I chose warm gray gouache using a pointed pen italic on a natural arches 90# hot press and a coordinating deeper gray mat.  The cut outs for the photos were strategically placed and I added a very thin line on the mat to bring it all together.  Simple, elegant and poignant giving the design a dimensional oneness.  I couldn't have been more pleased and the client agreed.

Sometimes things just come together easily.  I felt, after hearing his experience, that this needed to be a very quiet piece.  It was clear that there was still some healing that needed to be done but also important to acknowledge the experience and gratitude that he had survived and came home to heal the wounds.

I couldn't possible imagine what this man had gone thru, but I could know how an awful experience such as a war where your buddies got shot and died could alter one's perspective about life.  As memories grow dim, one can only hope that you can remember what had changed you for the better and try to leave the rest as just an extremely important experience and learn to heal for the better.

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