Friday, March 30, 2012

The Art of Calligraphy

If you are looking to learn pointed pen, then my friend Xandra Zamora is your gal.  She just came back from Dallas after teaching a fabulous class on "Pointed Pen Exploration".  Here's one write up on her class.....

There are a handful of calligraphers out here in Southern California that do exceptional work with pointed pen.  Among them are my dear friends, Xandra Zamora of course, Lisa Holtzman and Barbara Close...then least of all myself. I only know this by the amount of work I attract.  I also know this because after years of comparing myself to others I know that I'm a good calligrapher.  I'm modest and can admit I'm not a great calligrapher...but I know I am good.
Pointed pen is my tool of choice and I am most comfortable doing lettering with it.  There are incredible calligraphers that do fabulous lettering with all the tools of the trade in So. Cal., but I'm talking about the pointed favorite instrument of all.

Outside of California, there are too many fabulous calligraphers that I admire and envy for their instinctual abilities.  I have my favorites that I consider over the top talented, creative and filled with expression.  It makes me crazy with wondering why I can't do what they do with our tool in common.  I explore every detail of their work and try to inhale the knowledge and brilliance that they bring to the substrate of choice.  The creativity is awe inspiring and fills me with desire to pick up my pen and follow their lead.

I feel so blessed to be an artist and one that has incorporated calligraphy into my creations which brings a specialized flavor to my art.  I feel privileged to have created a successful profession for myself that continues to enable me to sustain myself financially.  God has truly blessed me in this arena of my life and I am thankful to be among the many people whom I admire the most in life.  I truly think of each and every one of you with gratitude and admiration and will continue to be inspired for the rest of my life.  Thanking all of you in my prayers...I am honored to be considered an artist!


  1. Thank you so much, Renée, for your kind words ... you are fabulous! xoxo

  2. I bet Xandra's workshop was a blast and full of useful information! Xandra, Lisa, Barb, and *YOU* can each make the pen dance and sing - but even better than that - you're lovely souls! xoxo