Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fifteen Years Together

A poem for Fifteen Years Together

The scroll presentation    

A new client, married 15 years wrote this poem of sorts for his loving wife and I had the honor of creating it the presentation for him.  He wanted it simple and elegant.  I encouraged adding a fresh flower instead of the dried one I stuck in for color however.  I hope he took my advise.

Arches hot press 90#, gouache, watercolor and gouache gold highlights.  This piece is quite large 12x19 to be matted and framed...


  1. Lovely Italic work Renee - so consistent! Your idea of a fresh flower would be the perfect touch.

  2. this is absolutely exquisite, renee! i think that this groom (of 15 years!) will be so proud to present this to his bride!! ahhhhh......true love! hope you have a super weekend, sweetie-pie! xo