Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Letter From Santa

What do you do when someone asks you to create a letter written by Santa?  What could Santas handwriting look like?  Well, it beat the heck out of I started with personal stationery, simple, yet playful with a monogram "S" on top and went from there.  

I try to envision Santa writing with a quill pen dipping it in ink with scratchy lettering so I did something like that but used a pointed nib in a straight holder and sumi ink.  I'm not sure of the paper since I had it for so long and the watermark was gone, but it had the quality of good, heavy, stationery paper of old.  The envelope was cut, scored and lined with a suede paper in red with a touch of candy cane ribbon on the flap.  I added the ribbon to the letter as well.

It was a fun project and my client was very happy with it.

Now, on to the New Year...Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Hi Renee! Thanks so much for swinging by and entering the contest, really appreciate it. Love the letter above. Take care, Riki

  2. Hi Renee! You did an excellent job on the Santa letter! I think all those things you did were just right. Love the handwriting you did also. Good job!!!! Love it!