Monday, December 6, 2010

Children Learn What They Live

This piece will be sent off to my great niece, Gloriane in Florida, who has 2 young children and is raising them alone.  She is having some challenges doing this by herself so I am gifting her with this piece I did in a fun calligraphy font a long time ago to have some reminders at hand about raising conscious children.  We can only hope and pray that the children get it when they grow up.  And, we don't want to perpetuate what needs correcting in each of our families by continuing certain behaviors.  It is important, if you choose to have children, to give them the best of what you have learned from your parents and adopt new behavior for the rest.

It is very challenging to give the next generation values, instill integrity and self esteem with what they experience away from the home.  I think we all need reminders every day that life is changing and it's important to be kind not only to our family and friends, but to strangers, animals and our planet.  This, being only one of many things.  Changing the world starts with each one of us.  It only takes a moment to stop and think about how our actions and words may affect others.  Okay, this topic is a big one so I'll just say, I'm sure you get the point. 

Have a happy and healthy holiday...
In gratitude,


  1. This is lovely, Renee, and so true. It seems that the challenges change from generation to generation; the best we can do as parents is to make conscious decisions and model what we want our children to be! More power to your grand niece for going it alone.

  2. Such a nice job, love your lettering and the CHILDREN word. Very nice

  3. Yesterday I had a talk with someone about the issues with border patrol. Anyway the conclusion was that no matter what the problem or issue the solution is to start at home and with ourselves.- Be the change you want to see in the world.

  4. Lovely work Renee. Your great niece will no doubt appreciate the beauty of your work and the words.

  5. what a great gift to have... your work is lovely! thank you for stoping by the artseat!
    I too wish you and yours a very merry christmas and a wonderful 2011!

  6. Hi Renee, so nice to see a wonderful comment from you! Thank you. I love this work you did. Your talent is amazing. I thought I could still write, until I tried to send out cards! Wow, its going away, a lost art. good for you. Have a wonderful holiday too. Hugs, Riki

  7. Hi Renee...this is absolutely beautiful & was exactly what I was hoping to find to should go into business☺️. To gift it to your great niece is incredibly thoughtful & special & will no doubt be a great encouragement to her as she loves & raises her two children. You sound like a great blessing in her life.��